Jay Solomon

Jay Solomon

Business Development Manager

What do you like about your role at HOOD

The diversity and challenges my role throws up each day.  Get great satisfaction winning a new agent knowing it helps the company grow.

What led you to starting working at HOOD

I knew Tommy was putting HOOD together & I saw a social media post from Matty Gray saying they were growing so I reached out.  Had a meeting with Matty & the rest is history.  Actually tested positive to Covid a day after our meeting so had a week in iso and then started.

What is my day-to-day like

I try to get a pitch meeting each day with a director or Head of Property Management.  I also drop into 20+ offices a week - each one of those I follow up with an email and call trying to win their business.

What are my Hobbies

Play basketball twice a week & really enjoy a round of golf and surfing.  Surf the wave pool once a fortnight in the warmer months.  The water is like ice in the winter months so I stay well away!

What is something you hope to achieve in your time at HOOD

Being involved in the company starting in other countries.  I would love to walk into a pitch meeting in Melb & say we have offices in LA & London! Think that would def set us apart from the rest!