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Urgent and same day connections with the HOOD Chatbot

The HOOD Chatbot allows you to sort your connection in minutes and at any time of the day, no calls are required and we'll do all the heavy lifting.

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Don't take it from us...

Moving house is stressful, so when we had a hiccup in our electricity/gas connection (100% our fault) I called Hood with trepidation to explain what we had done. Within a few minutes we had a friendly interaction, a resolution and seamless connection on moving day. Thank you Hood, for terrific service and for supporting Mission Australia.

Thanks to Melissa who handled my account transfer so smoothly and professionally- Best customer service experience I have had in many years across a variety of service industry - Hope the company maintains similar service in the future.

Moving into a short term rental has been rather challenging. After finding a place, the lovely ladies from Hood gave me a call and sorted electricity, gas and telephone connections. It was so easy and done quickly with patience and support. Thank you for your help.

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Emergency Electricity Connection With HOOD

While moving home can create a happy and excited buzz amongst your family, it also comes with a lot of stress and boxes to tick off that never-ending list. Removalists, packing and updating your address are just a few things that should fill up your list.

Unfortunately, updating your address for your energy providers is one item often neglected and pushed further and further along until your eventual moving date. Luckily HOOD is here to help you with same-day electricity connection and advice on finding the most appropriate energy provider for your new home.

Connect Electricity to Your New Home Today

At HOOD, we can help you coordinate electricity connections for your new home. All we need to know is your new address, the date you need to be connected and your contact details; then, the rest is up to us!

We can even complete a comparison check to ensure your new energy provider can match your lifestyle and energy needs in your new home for a welcoming first bill.

Connecting electricity to a newly built home may seem like a more complex process, but it's quite similar to any existing home plan. As builders will need electricity to complete your homes, you should have a power line service already set up. This means no calls are required unless you want to change providers.

However, suppose your newly built home has no established line. In that case, you'll need to contact a licensed electrician before contacting HOOD and your energy provider of choice.

While you won't have to pay additional moving fees when reconnecting your electricity in your new home, you will still have to pay a connection fee.

For most energy providers, this can fall between $10-100 for a scheduled connection booked before your moving date or up to $400 for an urgent electricity connection completed within the same day.

While these connection fees may change depending on your specific provider, HOOD will ensure that a cost-effective and accurate price is agreed upon.

Reliable and Hassle-Free Same Day Electricity Connection

When moving homes, whether a suburb away or interstate, there's bound to be a never-ending list of things that need to be completed. Of course, from this extensive list, there are bound to be a few things that slip through the cracks before your big moving day arrives.

But one of the last things a homeowner wants to experience is to walk into their new home, flick the lights on and see nothing. This is exactly why HOOD is here. We offer the assistance you need to connect you to a local electrician and connect your electricity today!

We not only offer urgent electricity connections but can help find a plan to help you manage your new home's budget. All you have to do is jump onto HOOD, and one of our team will connect you to your provider and find an available electrician to get your electricity connected instantly. So you can focus on getting those boxes unpacked while HOOD organises the rest.

Urgent Energy Connections with HOOD

Moving house or need an urgent electricity connection? HOOD organises quick, simple and easy connections when you need it most. Your power can be up and running today and at times within minutes.

Our experienced team have live feeds with providers to make sure your request is taken care of immediately. Have your urgent electricity connection sorted now for no cost with HOOD. No hidden fees or last-minute premiums; just fast solutions where it counts!

Give us a call!

To get your energy up and running as soon as possible, give HOOD a call on 1300 242 824. Our connections specialists will advise you on the available energy plans, and the energy providers we have available that can get you connected as fast as possible.

Did you know that HOOD can help you throughout the entire process of moving? We can help you at every single step of the way throughout your new venture, from gas connection to an all-inclusive home moving service. Contact us today to take the stress out of moving.

Do some Good with HOOD

We’re proud to partner with Mission Australia to help provide housing support for vulnerable Australian. For every Electricity connection completed through the HOOD chatbot, we'll donate $50 to Mission Australia. 

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Who are we?

Established in Melbourne in 2018.

HOOD has been launched in the USA (San Francisco and Austin) and in Australia. HOOD is redefining the way people across the world move home. Moving is an important part of people's lives, we use AI to make that process smoother and less stressful.

An Australian business that understands the industry.

We made the HOOD chatbot because the moving home industry is dying for an upgrade.

We've been connecting utilities and booking movers over the phone for decades - HOOD centralises all the administrative work associated with your move to one place on your phone. And because you can chat with HOOD through the Facebook Messenger app, you don't even have to download anything.

Tips And Tricks For Moving

Read our blog on everything from saving money to how HOOD offers contactless moves.

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