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Get your gas connected in your new home, across Australia

Depending on where in Australia you're moving, you may need a natural gas connection. The good news is gas connections are not typically shut off between tenants if one has already been established, which means all you'll need to do is open a gas account with a retailer. That's where we come in!

Choose a plan that suits you, and we'll handle the rest!

Connect Gas in 3 Simple Steps

Connect Gas in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1. Choose your prefer way to connect

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Step 2. Choose a plan

Select the plan you'd like to use for each of your services.

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Step 3. Provide your details

Provide your details and complete your connection through the HOOD Chatbot faster than it takes you to make a coffee, or let us handle it over the phone in one call. 

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Moving Gas FAQs

  • + Do I need gas connections?

  • + Options for gas connections

  • + Cost to connect gas

How do I know if I need gas connections?

There's a good chance you will need a gas connection in your new home, but it does depend on the kinds of amenities the house comes with – does the kitchen come with gas stove tops? Is the water heated through gas or electricity? Does the house come with ducted heating?

More than 70% of houses in Australia are either already connected to mains gas or use LPG bottled gas. An easy way to tell if your property is connected to gas pipelines is to look for a gas meter around the outside of your property, and if you're still not sure give HOOD a call on 1300 242 824.

I need to connect gas, what are my options?

Your options when choosing a gas provider depend on the state you live in. Victoria has 15 gas providers available, the most of any Australian state, though not every provider operates in all areas, and some will only provide a gas service if you also purchase your electricity from them. Some states and territories are regulated, and only one gas provider supplies all customers in the state.

If you live in a regional area, and don’t have access to ‘mains’ gas (natural gas delivered via pipeline), bottled LPG can usually be purchased and delivered to your door in most areas.  There are a number of LPG providers to choose from.

What does it cost to get gas connected?

Gas providers generally do not charge a connection fee. Gas distributors however, are responsible for maintaining pipes and meters as well as reading meters, and do usually charge connection and disconnection fees which are passed on through your gas provider. These fees vary depending on the area you live, generally ranging between $10 and $50.

If you are a concession card holder, you may be eligible for a discount on supply and usage charges as well as connection and disconnection fees.

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Moving Tips

Moving interstate

When moving interstate, it's important to know that your current utility providers may not offer plans for your new address. 

Termination fee

You may need to pay an early termination fee if you take this opportunity to change energy providers.            

Moving day

On moving day, write down your meter reading to ensure you've been charged the correct amount on your first bill.