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Hood Chatbot, Your Personal Moving Assistant

Connect your utilities, explore your new neighbourhood, organise movers... all through the Facebook Messenger.

The HOOD chatbot is your all-in-one moving companion. Browse, compare and connect to energy plans from leading Australian suppliers, find and book removalists to help with the heavy lifting, you can even scope out schools and GPs in your new neighbourhood.

To start using the HOOD chatbot click the button below.

Connect Gas & Electricity in 3 Simple Steps

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Connect Gas & Electricity in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1. Choose your preferred way to connect

Connect Through HOOD Chatbot
Available 24/7. Use the HOOD Chatbot to organise your utilities like electricity, gas and more, right from your Facebook Messenger Logo 2 Facebook Messenger app.
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Connect In 1 Phone Call
Speak to one of our friendly connections specialists in Melbourne, available 9 am to 6 pm (Mon-Fri).


Step 2. Select a supplier

Choose plans from leading Australian suppliers for each of your needs - Setup connections for electricity, gas, water, and internet, and obtain quotes for your relocation.


Step 3. Provide your details

Provide your details and complete your connection through the HOOD Chatbot faster than it takes you to make a coffee, or let us handle it over the phone in one call.

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What our
customers say


Can't recommend HOOD's chatbot enough. It was an easy and simply process to get connected without needing to talk to anyone. I didn't even know a business like this existed!

Lead M.
Google Review


The chatbot feature was so easy to use, got all my utilities set up through Facebook messenger for my move in date                                                                                      

Alexandra M.
Google Review


Made moving so easy - they arranged my electricity, gas and internet ready for my move in date free of charge                                                                        

Elizabeth C.
Google Review


Very useful service particularly if you have limited experience in the business of renting property.                                                                                                           

Anthony B.
Google Review

Get your electricity, gas, and internet all sorted in one go

Plus, get moving quotes over the HOOD Chatbot in minutes.

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