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Choose your own Energy plan from Top Australian providers with the HOOD Chatbot.

Sort out your move in your own time, and we'll do the rest.


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Connect your electricity in 3 simple steps

Step 1. Choose your prefer way to connect

Connect Through The HOOD Chatbot
Available 24/7. Use the HOOD Chatbot to organise your utilities like electricity, gas and more, or arrange a removalist for moving home right from Facebook Messenger.


Connect In One Phone Call (1300 242 824)
Speak to one of our friendly connections specialists in Melbourne, available 9 am to 5 pm (Mon-Fri).


Step 2. Choose a plan

Select the plan you'd like to use for each of your services.

Hood Chatbot (Facebook Messenger)

Step 3. Provide your details

Provide your details and complete your connection through the HOOD Chatbot faster than it takes you to make a cup of coffee, or let us handle it over the phone in one call. 

The Hood Chatbot, your personal moving assistant.

Connect your utilities, explore your new neighbourhood, organise movers... all through the Facebook Messenger.

The HOOD chatbot is your all-in-one moving companion. Browse, compare and connect to energy plans from leading Australian suppliers, find and book removalists to help with the heavy lifting, you can even scope out schools and GPs in your new neighbourhood.

To start using the HOOD chatbot click the button below. 

  • Calculate your move

  • Set moving reminders

  • Explore your new neighborhood

Calculate your move

Use the HOOD chatbot to calculate your moving costs, the equipment you'll need and quote estimations for professional movers (should you choose to use them).

HOOD calculates these figures by gauging the amount of stuff you're moving, the distance between your new and old addresses, and the prices of relevant removalists in your area. In less than a couple minutes, the HOOD chatbot can give you an itemised breakdown of your moving costs and even help you book removalists.

Set moving reminders

Simply tell the HOOD chatbot when you're moving and we'll make sure you stay on track.

We'll send reminders through Facebook Messenger to stay on top of things like packing, booking a truck, paying your bond, connecting utilities, change of address etc.

Explore your new neighborhood

Check out your new neighbourhood through the HOOD chatbot.

Simply enter the postcode of the suburb you're looking at, and we'll help you find GPs, schools and ATMs in your area in a hurry.


Moving interstate

When moving interstate, it's important to know that your current utility providers may not offer plans for your new address.

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Termination fee

You may need to pay an early termination fee if you take this opportunity to change energy providers.

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Moving day

On moving day, write down your meter reading to ensure you've been charged the correct amount on your first bill.

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Connect your Electricity, Gas & more.

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