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Connect Bottled Gas to Your Home with HOOD

Many homes across the country rely on a gas connection, with up to 70% of homes in Australia choosing a network or bottle gas connection. The reasons for this are clear, given the operational costs of gas are half of those of electricity.

While most metro homes will benefit from accessibility to mainstream gas lines, other homes in regional and isolated locations will rely on a bottled gas connection to keep their home warm and functional. So if you're moving houses and need a remote gas connection, talk to our team at HOOD to find a local bottled gas connection for your new home. For more information about our moving, water and electricity services for new homes contact us.


Moving Home and Need Bottled Gas?

For homes that can't connect to a local main, a bottled gas connection can become the solution to power your heating, water and cooking appliances. Your bottled natural gas will be located in a safe location outside your home and can be filled up regularly by a delivery truck or can be swapped with full containers.

If you need to arrange a bottled gas connection to your new home or want to find a reliable and certified gas bottle provider - skip the cue and let HOOD help. HOOD can help make the transition to your new home simple, so you can focus on packing those boxes. To get a quick quote for your bottled gas connection, all you need to do is;

1. Let us know your new postcode.

2. Choose your supplier and plan for your new gas supply.

3. Provide us with your details, and we'll get started on your connection.


Is a Bottled Natural Gas Exchange Right for You?

A gas bottle exchange is a simpler and safer option for homes than refilling options. By choosing an exchange option, you'll always have two perfectly sized full bottles for your home and therefore have backup gas ready at all times. In addition, you'll experience a simpler process by selecting a bottled gas exchange. All you need to do to get your new gas bottle is to call your provider or jump online for a prompt delivery service.

For homes whose gas consumption is low to medium or those living in warmer climates and have a lower reliance on gas heating, bottled gas is a perfect power supply option. Bottled natural gas exchange is also beneficial for homes where big cylinders and tanks can't be used. Choosing a bottled gas exchange offers the delivery and installation of two perfectly sized 45kg bottles that can squeeze into small and tight areas, giving you more free space in your new home.


Multiple 45kg Gas Bottles

The most common bottled gas exchange is of two 45kg cylinders. This is a suitable option for families and couples with low to medium consumption or smaller homes that want the prospect of a backup bottle. Your two bottled natural gas bottles will be connected by a change-over lever which you switch over when empty. This also indicates that it's time to order an exchange to keep your gas power continuous.


Single 45kg Gas Bottles

For homes that don't use a substantial amount of gas, you may opt to use a single bottle. However, when choosing a single bottle, you need to be more aware of your usage and exchange orders, so you aren't left without any gas. You should always aim to order your new gas bottle when it's running low, don't wait until it's empty. Providers usually recommend marking the dates of your order and completing a hot water test to track how much gas is left. A hot water test on your gas bottle is conducted by carefully pouring hot water down the side of your bottle while in use. After a few moments, run your hand down the side of your gas cylinder. When it becomes cool to the touch, this will indicate your gas level.


How Bottled Gas Connections Work

When choosing HOOD to help you connect your new home to a bottled natural gas supply, our team will take the lead, connecting to your new provider. Our team will organise a site visit with your chosen provider to understand your connection needs.

Once establishing if a bottled gas connection is the right option for your home, we'll organise the installation of a single or multiple 45kg bottles. If you already have an existing bottled gas connection, your bottles will simply be exchanged for new ones from said supplier. The installation process will comply with all Australian safety regulations for safety and compliance.

When your bottle runs out and it's time to order an exchange, you can simply jump on your provider's website or call them to organise your exchange on the next delivery day. Simple as that!


Gas Connections with HOOD

Established in Melbourne in 2018.

HOOD has years of experience in the electricity and gas connections industry. Today we partner with a panel of Australian energy companies to connect our customers to power they can rely on.

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We've been connecting utilities and booking movers over the phone for decades - HOOD centralises all the administrative work associated with your move to one place on your phone. And because you can chat with HOOD through the Facebook Messenger app, you don't even have to download anything.

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Organise your electricity and gas connections in your own time with HOOD. Our AI-powered chatbot, available through Facebook Messenger, lets you browse energy plans and arrange connections from the comfort of your own phone. Plus, when you connect your electricity through our chatbot, we'll donate $50 to Mission Australia!

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Here's some frequently asked questions we've encountered before. Can't find what you're looking for? Email us at

Bottled gas refers to a substance that can be compressed as gas or liquefied under pressure within a gas bottle made of steel, aluminium, stainless steel or composites. It is stored at a standard temperature and pressure and becomes a flammable hydrocarbon gas liquefied because of its pressurisation.

In some countries, bottled gas can also refer to butane or propane/butane mixtures of gas.

Bottled gas is usually a synonym for LPG or propane stored in gas bottles. Therefore LPG gas bottles are often bottles with propane stored within.

Bottled natural gas lasts indefinitely and doesn't degrade through natural processes. If storing a gas bottle for 30 years, the gas will be unchanged and usable, whereas the durability of your bottle would become the limiting factor.

Bottled gas is a fossil fuel found naturally in combination with other hydrocarbons. It can also be produced during natural gas processing and oil refining.

Bottled gas is separated from unprocessed gas in the natural gas and oil refining process. It is then pressurised and stored as a liquid in LPG cylinders and tanks.

Under pressure, gas will be transported in liquid form by ship, rail, tanker trucks, pipelines and more. Your gas bottles will then be filled by your provider into 45kg bottles and delivered to your home when requested.

Bottled gas can be used for residential, commercial and agricultural heating applications. It's also used for caravans, boats, recreational vehicles, hot air balloons and camping. In addition, businesses will use gas bottles for steam boilers, kilns, ovens and forklifts.

Bottled gas is stored under pressure as a liquid in a gas bottle and will turn into vapour when you release some of the pressure within the bottle.

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