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How do I connect electricity through HOOD? How long will it take? Does HOOD do same-day and urgent connections?


How do I connect gas through HOOD? How long will it take? Do I need a gas connection? What kind of gas do I need for my home?
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How do I connect water through HOOD? Is there any advantage to connecting water through HOOD? How long will it take?


How do I book moving services through HOOD? What kind of moving services can HOOD connect me with? How do I get HOOD to find a moving quote for me?


How do I connect internet services through HOOD? How long will it take? What kind of internet connection do I need? What kind of internet package is suitable for my household usage?


What does the HOOD chatbot do? Why would I use a chatbot to organise my move? Which services can I arrange through the chatbot? How does the HOOD chatbot work?

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