★ Chatbot Available 24/7      ★ Choose From Top Energy Providers      ★ Energy Connections on Your Terms
★ Chatbot Available 24/7      ★ Energy Connections on Your Terms
★ Choose From Top Energy Providers
★ Available 24/7 Chatbot      ★ Choose Your Own Provider      ★ Energy Connections on your terms

HOOD, your all-in-one moving platform

HOOD is a free-moving assistant that saves time like no other. We're here to help you organise your utilities and internet, line up removalists, and estimate a budget for your move.

To speak to one of our friendly connections specialists based in Melbourne, call 1300 242 824. Otherwise, you can connect through the HOOD chatbot in your own time.

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Arrange your entire moving in one call. It's just that easy.
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HOOD Chatbot (24/7)
No call is needed and keep your privacy at the highest level at all times.
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One free, no-stress way to arrange all of your moving needs.
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What we connect

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Gas

  • Internet

  • Removalists

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HOOD provides access to top Australian electricity providers allowing you to choose your own plan with no hidden costs or lock-in contracts. Let us support the stresses of moving home and arrange your connections for you.


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HOOD partners with real estate agencies across the country to provide a free water connection service for new tenants and owners.


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HOOD provides access to top Australian energy providers allowing you to choose your own plan with no hidden costs or lock-in contracts. Organise your connection at any time of the day, and we'll take care of the rest.


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Looking for an internet connection that gets you everything you need, without breaking the bank? Give us a call and our connection experts will be able to advise you on your household's needs and get you connected with a trusted telecommunications provider.


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Comparing removalist companies online? In less than five minutes the HOOD chatbot can generate a budget for your move and book a removalist in your area for you.


Everything you need for your move

HOOD Chatbot

How we connect

Your Move is Powered By AI

HOOD is the world’s first AI-driven MoveTech Platform, changing the way you can organise, plan, connect moving services, sort out utility connections, learn about your new suburb and transact those services when you move home.

Instant Quotes From Your Couch

Get a quick quote for a full moving service, including a truck and workers, or just a few helpers to lift heavy things — instantly.

Move Good & Do Good

We're proud to partner with Mission Australia to help provide housing support for vulnerable Australians.

Sort out your Electricity and Gas connections quickly and easily with HOOD. Plus for every Electricity connection made through our chatbot, HOOD donates $50 to Mission Australia to help vulnerable families set up new tenancies of their own.


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What our customers say

Denise L.


Moving house is stressful, so when we had a hiccup in our electricity/gas connection (100% our fault) I called Hood with trepidation to explain what we had done. Within a few minutes we had a friendly interaction, a resolution and seamless connection on moving day. Thank you Hood, for terrific service and for supporting Mission Australia.

Chandramouli M.


Thanks to Melissa who handled my account transfer so smoothly and professionally- Best customer service experience I have had in many years across a variety of service industry - Hope the company maintains similar service in the future.                                                                                                                                    

Allan G.


Moving into a short term rental has been rather challenging. After finding a place, the lovely ladies from Hood gave me a call and sorted electricity, gas and telephone connections. It was so easy and done quickly with patience and support. Thank you for your help.                                                                                                          


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